Romeo and Juliet

Directed by Nat Stornelli '21

11/2 at 5pm & 11/3 at 2pm

Sarner Underground

Romeo and Juliet is one of the most iconic stories of love. In this performance, in which both Romeo and Juliet are portrayed as women, we explore the themes of hateful violence and the impact it has by framing it within the context of the violence and silence directed at queer youth in particular.

We hope that you can join us for our performances at 5:00 on 11/2 and 2:00 on 11/3 in Sarner Underground, but please use your discretion, as this show does contain triggering themes of violence and suicide.

Cast List

Romeo - Gus Guszkowski '22

Juliet - Skylar Miklus '22

Sampson/Paris - Anne Bailey '22

Gregory/Servant - Gregory Han '22

Abraham/Mercutio - Alex Wells '22

Balthasar/Friar John - Emma Ginsberg '23

Benvolio - Katie Carithers '20

Tybalt - Jack Tuiolosega '21

Lord Capulet - Mitchell Ransden '23

Lady Capulet/Apothecary - Abigail Devine '23

Lord Montague/Nurse - Ben Martin '22

Montague's Husband/Friar Lawrence - Nat Stornelli '21

The Prince - Connor Roemer '23

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